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About us

P+5 ltd Engineering

unnamedP+5 ltd Engineering companywas founded in1992. It started out as an engineering development company in the area of construction. The latter has been our principal business activity to this day. The herewith company is in charge of all building construction projects that go through all the necessary steps involved in the design-build process. This is definitely our primary goal and of course challenge as well. Moreover, we also provide counselling services when purchasing property, elaborate projects, help you acquire building permits, construct facilities, finalize buildings, and we also offer help when it comes to obtaining operating permits. What is more, we also offer financial and tax counselling related to constructions and an eventual sale of these facilities. Besides the above mentioned services, we also supervise these services in great detail. At your wish we can take up the role of the seller or a real estate agent as well since we have a real estate agent employed by our company.

In recent years we have mostly focused on both the construction and sale of the production halls built for the market for a large number of diverse productions, high-shelving (high-rack warehouses) and simple types of warehouses, office premises, shops, shopping centers and many other facilities.