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storitve crta


  • Counselling when purchasing a plot: Based on the so far gathered experience we can help you look for a suitable plot and try to meet your expectations. Moreover, we can bring financial skills to bear during the many stages of a construction project and we can also offer tax counselling in the process. Moreover, we can take care of all the legal and other formal obligations.

  • Project production: We also offer support when it comes to leading you step by step during the entire process. Finally, we help you complete the whole process so that you can obtain the building permit.

  • Costruction: Together with the assistance of our subcontructors we are adequately qualified to design and construct any type of projects throughout the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, to supervise the construction process and at the same time to generate documentation that is needed in order to obtain the operating permit.

  • Sale: At your wish we can take up the role of a seller or the real estate agency since we have a real estate agent employed by our company.

  • After-sales service/assistance: We can assist in arranging, managing and maintaining your real estate and at the same time we can also offer other potential services to meet your requirements.

  • We help foreign businesses to grow their operations in the Slovenian market: A full range of services is offered to foreign companies and investors. Moreover, we also help them start new business operations in Slovenia in order to support and at the same time expand their markets. Furthermore, we also help run the startup process for your company and assist       businesses get off the ground, especially when it comes to launching a new enterprise. What is more, we can arrange the following affairs for you: the founding of a company (including the statute and all the other documents that are required when setting up an enterprise), we can provide a VAT registration number or tax identification number, open a bank account number on you behalf, we can select of your own choosing the registered seat/office of your company, we help you choose the right accountant for your company, we can also hunt for the right real estate for you so that it meets your requirements (offices, warehouses, terrain, houses, apartments…) and if it is necessary we can also build or finish your facility, we can also obtain all the necessary work permits, building permits, operating permits and all other types of permits or licences… As a result, your company will be fully prepared to start with its own business activities without wasting valuable time for bureaucracy or understanding the national legislation system better. Finally, on your request we can obtain the adequate accomodation and a residence permit in Slovenia.